YOUR Events will be outstanding when you trust them to Magnum Music. We know that you have many choices. We strive to be the best and work with you whether it is the monthly school dance, your company holiday party or the once in a lifetime wedding event. We value your trust and take your event seriously.

We have numerous unsolicited ʻThank You” notes on file that we would be glad to share with you. Our clients are insistent that THEY be used as a reference. We are thrilled after an event because we are always met with such kind words and enthusiasm for our work.

Keep in mind, if you see or attend an event that seemed effortless, smooth and was fun, someone worked really hard. Outstanding success rarely happens by chance. We work hard so that it looks really easy.

Magnum Music is professional. We always supply a written contract, we are registered with the State of New Jersey Division of Taxation and we are fully insured. So when the venue insists on an insurance certificate, it is never a problem.

Please contact us, weʼd love to tell you some of our “Event Tales”. Youʼll think weʼve seen it all. And just when we think we HAVE seen it all, along comes a new "Event Tale"!

Magnum Music, it is our goal to...