Private Parties

Private Party

We specialize in YOUR EVENT.

We know that it is difficult to select entertainment for your event. When you contact us, you will immediately feel comfortable and confident that your special event will be
handled professionally, with style and class, and will be an event that your guests talk about for YEARS.

You bring the guests, Weʼll bring the PARTY.

School Dances, Activity nights, Proms or the all night After Prom party, weʼre ready to make it special.

Itʼs time to re-think when to hire a DJ. Hundreds of guests are not required. We have had great times with events as small as twenty five guests!!! An event with a DJ makes it an event. From family reunions, neighborhood parties, or just a great cookout with friends, music with a DJ anchors the event and sends the message that your going to have some serious fun.

We can prove that the DJ makes any get together an event. Ready?

Ok, what happens when youʼre at a DJʼd party and the music ends and the DJ packs up? Well, everyone leaves of course. There you have it, without a great DJ the partyʼs over! Of course if you donʼt have a DJ to begin with, the party never really gets started either.

We really enjoy our clients. They come to us excited about their plans and just want things done right. We have been delivering on that wish for over fifteen years. After all, when you are having a great time, so are we!!! We wouldnʼt have it any other way.

Can you afford to have Magnum Music at your events? (We think so!) More importantly, can you afford not to?

At Magnum Music, it is our goal to


NEW!!!!! We have just launched a new program where we can supply the equipment and an “operator” when no DJ skills are required. This might be an alternative to an event that would otherwise not have the budget for any music. Just right for a POOL or Teen PARTY!! Call us to learn all the details.