Wedding Receptions

Wedding Receptions

You are going to a lot of effort to have everything just right, the food, seating, lighting, flowers, even the color of the table linens, so donʼt leave the most important aspect of the party to chance.

In our experience, we have found that the DJ is actually one of the least expensive considerations at your wedding reception. And yet, we feel that the DJ is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT decisions you will make. Donʼt believe us? OK, hereʼs another question....

Think back on the last wedding you were at. Got it? Good. (Now assuming it wasnʼt last night) What food was served? Hmmmm. Most folks canʼt remember. (Unless they got sick!) Now, did you have a good time? Were you and the guests dancing and enjoying the evening? You remember that part donʼt you? Of course, thats the fun part and thats what you remember. Hopefully, you have never had a bad experience at a wedding but if you did, I know you remember that for sure. This is why we believe that your entertainment choice is critical.

The activities at your wedding donʼt just happen, it takes experience and skill to make the appropriate announcements, introductions and provide directions to your guests. Most of your other professionals, (caterer, photographer, videographer etc) will be looking to the DJ to make it all happen. Other professionals love working with us because they end up looking good as well. Our goal is to make it happen for you, YOUR WAY.

We meet personally with our clients so that we understand what they want. We have had clients “program” their events and we have had clients say “just do what works”. With any level of input we are able to provide the event they dream of. We do not have a "canned" event. We work with you so that your event will be outstanding no matter how large or small.

You are provided with the benefit of our extensive experience. When you are in doubt we have multiple options from which to choose and we can advise you with what works best. Our Brides and Grooms leave our meetings refreshed because at this time of most stress, we provide them with an understanding of their reception and they know that all is under control.

We have actually had a client that stated that he did not need his wedding planner at the reception because the DJ did everything that needed to be done. We have even been known to help with the dress, fix the tux and carry the flowers when necessary.

We really enjoy our clients. They come to us excited about their plans and just want things done right. We have been delivering on that wish for over fifteen years. After all, when you are having a great time, so are we!!! We wouldnʼt have it any other way.

Some critical points about Magnum Music!

Magnum Music only supplies the best DJʼs at your event. Occasionally we have to disappoint and advise that we are booked up on your date. We will not risk our reputation with new or inexperienced DJʼs at your wedding.

You will plan with the DJ that will be at your event. No bait and switch here! Oh, and NO it does not cost a premium to have the owner DJ your event. We also do not double book our WEDDING DJʼs. That means that your event is the ONLY event that your DJ will perform at on your date. You are our only focus on your special day.

Most folks donʼt realize that equipment makes a difference. Have you ever told a DJ “itʼs too loud, turn it down”? Many times itʼs poor sound reproduction. Harsh sounds are interpreted as too loud because they are annoying. Great equipment helps reduce this problem. BOSE is just one of the many top names in our equipment arsenal.

Few rarely ask but you can be assured that we have some of the best DJ equipment available. All digital with multiple computer and CD backups are on sight... just in case.